Instrument for measuring bullying

For managers of organisations

Do you want to know how interpersonal relationships between athletes develop in your organization? An online questionnaire will come in handy. It will help to find out the state of interpersonal relationships, the prevalence of bullying, which persons are involved in it (e.g., athletes, coaches or other staff), the extent to which athletes themselves are willing to provide assistance to victims, what prevention and intervention measures are needed, etc.

It is useful to conduct such surveys both periodically and in the event of complaints or suspicions that unhealthy processes that may be hidden from management are taking place. The information obtained will help to create a safer and healthier environment, avoid crises caused by incidents.

This website provides a demo version of the research instrument. To conduct the survey in your organization, contact by email: patycios.sporte@gmail.com or phone +370 698 06668. You will be given a unique code that will be used only by the members of your organization. You will also receive the instruction for conducting the survey. At the end of the survey, the collected data will be passed on to your organization.